Technology at the center of our vision to make cannabis use more efficient


FRONTIER SPECTRUM is a Canadian company developing the most efficient way to deliver cannabis to patients worldwide.

Cannabis-based medicine has proven its efficacy in different major diseases and has shown great promise in others. But the main problem remains unsolved: finding the right cannabinoid ratios and dosage for each condition. 

The way to bring out the best cannabis is through personalized treatments where cannabinoid ratios and personal dosing is specific not just to a medical condition, but to each patient to be treated. 

Led by a talented interdisciplinary team, aimed to empower and grow healthy companies. Supporting and providing tools to founding teams in strategic markets, and finding the resources to scale up their businesses, we have developed a start-up approach into solving this problem while having a profitable and growing business.

How we do it:

– Long-term vision for product development while being profitable in the short-term.

– World-class team with specific knowledge about the industry and proven track record as entrepreneurs.

– Deep and updated understanding of global cannabis legislation.

– Strategic entry timing in new markets for each value chain component.

– Specialized local partners to enter each market in the most efficient way.